How to stay warm on the slopes

This blog discusses how to stay warm when skiing and snowboarding this winter.

The new season kicks off tomorrow in Vallandry, and our fantastic resort team are ready to welcome our first guests as they arrive at La Foret, Chalet Isabelle and Chalet Eve.

The start of the season brings with it crisp mornings, chilly afternoons and frosty evenings. Whilst these are the perfect conditions for snowfall, the winter months can bring bitter winds and icy air that makes skiing/snowboarding uncomfortable if you are not prepared for the low temperatures.

Here are our top tips for keeping toasty whilst you’re out skiing/snowboarding this season, so you can stay out on the slopes for longer and enjoy every second.

1. Invest in quality clothing

In this blog, we discussed the importance of investing in quality ski and snowboard equipment. The same goes for what you are wearing on the slopes. The initial expenditure is worth it, not only as your clothing will be more durable and you won’t have to rush to the shops again for the foreseeable, but also as it will keep you warm and better protected from the elements. Gloves are an absolute necessity, and you may want to try out some glove liners too. Make sure your salopettes and jacket are waterproof and fit right so there are no gaps between your layers; this will protect you from snow getting in where it isn’t wanted! You could also wear a layer under your helmet to cover your ears, and wear a layer around your neck and face to keep the exposed area beneath your goggles protected from windburn.

2. Pack a few extra layers in your suitcase

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you need an extra sweater or pair of leggings when you get to the resort. It might end up being colder than you predicted; give yourself the option of layering up when you get to the resort by making room for long sleeve tops and jumpers that fit easily under your jacket and salopettes.

3. Try boot warmers

If you suffer with cold feet, boot warmers are a good option to keep your toes nice and warm throughout the day. For example, these Therm-IC Heat 3D Heated Insoles are powered by rechargeable battery packs that clip onto the outside of your boot. You can choose the setting that works for you, so it keeps the heat coming through gradually across the day.

4. Plan ahead for downtime

If you stop at a bar or cafe during the day for lunch or a coffee break, you’ll likely want to take off your helmet and gloves. You might also be seated outside, and de-layering means you will get cold very quickly. Take a dry pair of gloves and a beanie to wear when you are having some downtime on the slopes, so you can stay warm whilst you enjoy your hot chocolate and croissant.

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