What is my luggage allowance?
22kgs per person (infants under 2 are allowed 10kgs).

Are boots part of my luggage allowance?
Yes, but they must be in a recognised ski boot bag. (If you have pre-paid £49 ski carriage your boots now become part of your sports equipment allowance thereby NOT part of your normal baggage allowance of 22kgs)

To Summarise:
Option 1: Hold baggage = 22kgs
Option 2: Hold baggage + ski boots bag = 22kgs
Option 3: Hold baggage (22kgs) + Ski bag and ski boots bag (22kgs)
ski carriage must be paid with option 3

What is the cost of ski carriage?
£49 return, this must be pre-booked.

Hand Luggage - You can take one piece of hand baggage no bigger than 55 x 40 x 23cm and no heavier than 10kg.

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