5 reasons to stay in Vallandry

Our properties are based in the heart of Vallandry, a beautiful village with stunning mountain views and a welcoming atmosphere. In our latest blog post, we share 5 reasons why you should holiday in Vallandry.

Ski Olympic is proud to operate in Vallandry; not only is it a quaint and welcoming village, it also offers access to the wonderful Paradiski area for skiers and snowboarders for all abilities.

Read on to hear five reasons why you should stay in Vallandry...

1. Excellent skiing

The Paradiski resort is one of the world’s largest lift-linked ski resorts. Tucked away in the French Alps, it encompasses Les Arcs, Peisey-Vallandry and La Plagne; it therefore comes as no surprise that the skiing opportunities within the Paradiski area are phenomenal.

The Peisey-Vallandry area of Paradiski hosts a variety of slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all experiences. With a plethora of wide, quiet slopes, it’s the place to be if you’re a beginner or intermediate skier or boarder. At the top of the Vallandry Gondola (new this season), you’ll find beginner-friendly slopes targeted at children and adults who are learning to ski. There are also plenty of challenging, narrow runs and testing woodland tracks if you’re keen to explore the more adventurous side of the Vallandry resort. The resort has many green, blue, red and black runs, so all skiers and snowboarders can enjoy the mountains.

As you make your way back to Hotel La Foret, Chalet Isabelle and Chalet Eve, you’ll ski down picturesque woodland slopes. Surrounded by snow-capped trees, it makes for a pleasant end to your day.

The resort is also positioned for great snowfall - with an altitude range of 1600m - 3400m, you’re sure to experience excellent snow coverage.

2. A community atmosphere

Though having access to a huge ski area, the Vallandry village has a lovely community and homely feel. With many restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy, the village has such a buzz during the winter as people come and go to enjoy the delicious local cuisine. The tourist office is open and always happy to answer your questions.

Check out our blog for more things to do in the Vallandry area: https://www.skiolympic.com/https-www-skiolympic-com-summer-in-and-around-vallandry

3. A view of Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe standing at over 4000m. The spectacular mountain can be seen from the La Foret run and the Vallandry village. Get your cameras ready and take some impressive shots!

4. The Vanoise Express

Carrying 200 people at a time, the Vanoise Express is located in Plan-Peisey, the adjoining village to Vallandry.

Skiers and pedestrians alike can travel on the Vanoise Express and enjoy the stunning views from the carriage, before linking with La Plagne, opening a new world of skiing and snowboarding.

5. Access to numerous activities

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there’s plenty of other activities to get involved with. Toboggan down the mountain on a sledge from the top of the Trans Arc cable car, or ski over to the village igloo in Les Arcs to enjoy the ice sculptures and a drink. Due to arrive in the Vallandry resort is the new panoramic terrace, accompanied by an eco-responsible café. Massage Me, the leading provider of customised massage services in the Alps, offer a mobile service, providing a range of massage options within the comfort of your hotel room. There’s plenty more too, depending on the time of year you’re holidaying with us. Read about a New Year’s with Ski Olympic here: https://www.skiolympic.com/https-www-skiolympic-com-a-new-years-with-ski-olympic

The Vallandry resort is a fantastic place to spend a ski/snowboard holiday. Call our office on (+44) 01302 328820 to enquire or book your holiday in Vallandry online.

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