Winter festivals and where to find them

If you are looking for the first big event of 2017, then you could not do better than one of these exhaustingly entertaining winter festivals

We are all in that slump after the summer festivals have finished and on the cusp of the ski season. What better entertainment is there beyond combining a love of snow sports with the biggest bands all in the best resorts across Europe? Everyone knows the joy to get you through this time of year is in planning, whether that’s Christmas decorations or booking your ski chalet in France , this is the prime time to research and book your winter festival.


The French festival is on the 18th-25th of March 2017 and already its claiming the first tier of tickets are sold out. This event is set to entertain by the sheer variety of events on offer. The music scene at Snowboxx boasts an indoor and outdoor venue as well as an Après party at Chalet D’Avoriaz. But Snowboxx is more than just music, its extra-curricular activities include Karaoke gondolas, human bowling, extreme snowball fights, paintballing, pop-up parties and impromptu piste picnics. With reasonable prices and half the line-up released, it is difficult to say no to this experience.


This is one of the biggest winter festivals Europe has to offer. With venues in every imaginable landscape from an enchanted forest to the arctic disco, an igloo venue at 6000ft, Snowbombing caters to all tastes. There is The Racket Club for hard-core ravers and Rompa’s Reggae Shack for a laid back vibe. There is a pool party for when you are longing for summer and competitive games of beer pong and Disco Doubles. From every angle this is a fun filled event, topped off with mandatory fancy dress. It hits Austria from the 3rd -8th of April 2017 with the announced line up already available on their website.

Horizon Festival

‘Over 30 parties in 12 venues across 7 days and nights’ is the tagline for the Horizon festival and sums up pretty much everything you need to know about it. The Avalanche Acoustic Arena is a location that has everything from champagne bars to hot tubs, cinema screenings and snow yoga, this is the chill out zone if you are feeling tired from all the other events. The village festival is a mix between a fete and a concert, with food stalls and acts all in the same place. The Hostal is an immersive experience, with DJ’s providing the sound track to extraordinary sets and costumes. The Horizon Festival arrives in Andorra on the 26th of March until 2nd of April 2017.


Within view of the iconic Matterhorn, The Caprices Festival The Caprices Festival definitely tops for location, however there is very little information currently available on it. The line-up is yet to be released but reviewing last year’s star-filled stages, it looks set to impress again. Caprices is a shorter festival but more rammed with events. The moon room is a venue at the bottom of the slopes where every clubber culminates to dance the night away. The MDNRTY Stage is at the top of the mountain with the best techno artists the world can offer and the alternative parties of 2016 have found themselves their own venue this year as a third stage will host an electric programme that pays tribute to the Swiss heritage of the event. The Caprices Festival returns to Switzerland on the 6th to the 9th of April 2017.

Rock the Pistes

This festival straddles between France and Switzerland on Portes du Soleil.Rock The Pistes is free to anyone with lift passes to the 12 Swiss – Franco resorts and takes place in different areas on different days. This rock and pop concert is only accessible by ski or snowboard and showcases different musicians from the two nations in the day events - and here is the twist – no-one knows where the events will be. You will receive a text message up to half an hour beforehand with a time, artist and destination, then it is up to you to get there. Once you understand the Portes du Soleil resort is about 400 square miles and one of the largest ski areas in the world, you can see the challenge the festival poses. However once you reach your destination, the party vibe is contagious with everyone exhausted and dancing in their ski boots enjoying the sun and a sense of triumph. Rock the Pistes arrives at Portes du Soleil between the 19th and 25th of March 2017.

Altitude Comedy Festival

This may be one for next winter as it pretty much kicks off the festival season, running from the 11th to 17th of December 2016 in Austria. This event is a little different, focusing on comedy opposed to music. If next year you are not seeking the Ibiza vibe, then this festival may be perfect for you. It draws in huge names of comedy as well as up-and-comers and there is the opportunity to ski with them throughout the days.

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