Top tips for staying safe on the slopes

In this blog, we share our top tips to help you stay safe during your skiing/snowboarding holiday and have a great time on the slopes.

Here are our top tips to help you stay safe during your winter holiday and have a great time on the slopes.

Wear a helmet

In the unfortunate event of a crash or fall, wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of a serious injury, as your helmet takes the worst of the impact. However, it is important to make sure you helmet fits you correctly, and it is not too loose or tight. Having your helmet fitted by a professional can help with this.

Watch your speed and be aware of other skiers/snowboarders

Accidents can be prevented by being cautious and taking it easy, especially when you are on steep and icy slopes. Adapt your speed to the weather and how busy the slopes are.

Know who to call

Save the details of the emergency and support services in your phone, so you know who to call in the unfortunate event of an accident. Ask our Chalet Manager for all the details you need when you arrive in resort.

Charge your phone, and have a back-up plan

If you need to call for help in an emergency, whether this be an injury or if you get lost on the mountain, a phone is essential. Make sure it is charged fully before you leave, and have a back-up option in case you lose your primary device or it runs out of battery.

Look out for others

As skiers/snowboarders, we have a duty to look after those around us. If you see someone who looks like they may be in need of help on the slopes or you witness an accident, take the time to ask if they are okay, support them by phoning for assistance or emergency care, and stay with them until help arrives if they are alone.

Read the signs

If a slope is closed, it is closed for a reason. If there are signs that ask you to watch your speed, they are there for a reason. Respect these signs and adjust your route and speed accordingly.

Tell someone where you are heading

This is important for all, but especially if you are out on the slopes alone or you are skiing/snowboarding with inexperienced people. Give a predicted time you hope to be back at your chalet by and which route you are planning to take, and make sure someone has your contact details in case they need to get a hold of you.

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