Interview with Dave Begg, La Foret’s Hotel Manager

Interview with Dave Begg, our Hotel Manager.

If you want to get an insight into a Ski Olympic holiday, there is no better person to talk to than our Hotel Manager, Dave Begg. We checked in with Dave to hear his thoughts on working for Ski Olympic and why a holiday with us is so spectacular.

How long have you worked for Ski Olympic?

I started in 1993, the season after the Winter Olympics were held in the Savoir region in Albertville. I was based in Courchevel.

Why did you come to work with Ski Olympic, and what has kept you with us for so long?

I taught skiing for 10 years, in Scotland mainly, and also in Italy. It was the first season we didn’t have any snow in Scotland until the end of January. Looking back on it now, that was the start of what we see on a regular basis with global warming or climate change. We thought it was a one off. The following season was worse, with absolutely no snow at all. I wanted to carry on skiing, but I didn’t want to teach anymore. A friend of mine who worked for Ski Olympic suggested I try to get a job with the company. And I’ve not looked back.

I had a phenomenal first season with the company, and I was asked if I wanted to come back in the summer for two weeks to do maintenance. And then you’re looking at winter again, and then summer again, and I wouldn’t have worked with any other company.

It’s been just like a family. I wouldn’t work with anybody else. I’ve enjoyed it.

What’s your favourite thing about working at La Foret?

I don’t think I’ve got a favourite thing. The reason why we’re here is because of the guests. So I enjoy making sure that they go away at the end of the week very happy and satisfied, and ensuring they all have a good week. La Foret also has phenomenal views on its doorstep.

Skiing or snowboarding?

Skiing. When I grew up in Scotland, there were no snowboards. With the years that I had under my belt with teaching skiing in Scotland and in Italy, I just loved my skiing. And even more so now, as I do backcountry ski touring, which has really taken off.

What is your favourite winter drink?

Probably a honey and hot lemon water.

What would you say to people who may be thinking about coming on a Ski Olympic holiday?

Come on out. We’re a great family company to come with. From the time you get off the plane you are really well looked after, and everything’s here for you. You can’t fault the location. You’ve got the slopes right outside your front door, friendly staff, a bar, good food for your lunch and evening meal, and a nice homely atmosphere, both in the hotel and the chalets.

The self-contained chalets are perfect for the pandemic environment, as if you’re self-driving you don’t need to see anybody; you can just jump in your car at home, cater for yourselves, and even get your lifts passes delivered to the door.

And when you’ve got a night like we’ve got at this moment in time, it’s stunning. Absolutely stunning.

So, come and book a holiday with Ski Olympic!

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