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The best ski scenes in Bond

The stories and films of James Bond have forever captured the adventurous heart of every Brit. In his signature combination of effortless charm and daring adventure, Bond has seen it all for the good of Queen and country. In line with the character of a lone wolf and passed on from the author, one of Bond’s favourite activities is the glamorous and yet dangerous art of skiing. A lucky choice of sports considering how often his well-honed skills have saved him from capture.

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The world’s most challenging ski runs

During any ski break we encounter the inevitable fear of a steep drop or particularly narrow run, but after you have completed the descent and the initial adrenaline begins to wear off, you find yourself looking further afield for the next thrill. Whether you are off to a ski holiday in France and looking to let out your inner adventurer, or heading to North America in order to catch some air, these seven descents will leave you either frozen with fear or raring to go.

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What you need to know about the Epic Pass

Skiing in Europe has always been the height of luxury, offering more powder, nicer weather and a varied cuisine compared to its North American cousins. While the Rockies may offer their own destination resorts, nothing will ever compare to the grandeur of the Alps.

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The video game inspiring the next generation

In December of 2016, Ubisoft unleashed their new game Steep upon the world, an extreme sports game set in a snowy alpine landscape. With an online multiplayer capacity, the open world allows both a competitive and explorative gaming experience, and thus far has earned glorious reviews.

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A Romantic retreat in Courchevel

Paris is the undisputable city of love, and as legend has it that the first Valentine’s Day card was sent by a Frenchman back in 1415, it is only to be expected that any ski chalet in France would be filled with love and romance this Valentine’s Day. However, skiing is exhausting for even the most skilled athlete, and it can be hard to carve out a little intimacy in crowded resorts. So check out our tips on how to make your trip to Courchevel a romantic escape to remember.

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