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Monarch Airlines

As of 4am this morning (2nd Oct) Monarch Airlines are no longer operating after failing to renew their ATOL license renewed by the CAA.
We are now in the process of contracting an alternative airline for this season, and will confirm this within 48 hours.
We will then contact every guest who has a holiday reservation, with the new flight information.
Sorry for any inconvenience, and please do not worry about your holiday.
Please refrain from calling us regarding this unless absolutely necessary.
Thank you for your patience.

Should you be changing your ski attire after February?

As the old Scandinavian saying goes ‘there is no bad weather, just bad clothing’ and never is that more apparent than when you are sat on a chair lift wishing for something you left back in your Meribel chalet . Snow sports come with a fair bit of equipment beyond what you slide down the mountain on, but while it may seem daunting, ensuring you have the right equipment for the country and season will make the entire experience much more worthwhile.

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Sometimes modern beats vintage

A vintage element has been creeping into many aspects of modern living, whether through a skirt strangely reminiscent of a bustle or an organic and seasonal approach to eating. However while many period dramas continue to grace our screens, there is one arena that glories in the wonderfully modern, and that is ski technology.

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Why Everyone Should Read Cross Country Snow

It has long been acknowledged that the best escape is always in the form of literature, however with such a vast array of books on every subject imaginable, it can be a little daunting. Whether you are tucked up in acatered chalet in Meribel , or desperately longing for a long weekend in La Plagne, Ernest Hemingway’s short story richly evokes all the joys of skiing.

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A week to celebrate the Brits at Les Arcs this month

While neighbours, the great nations of France and Britain have no always got on, swinging between allies and enemies for hundreds of years. However, this year, Les Arcs is taking an innovative approach to such a relationship and celebrates the rival nation in their ‘Great British Celebration’. This event is known to bring forth the competitive edge that underlies any interaction between the two nations, however, it is all overlaid with revelries.

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Courchevel scoops more Michelin Stars

Excellence should be Courchevel’s middle name as it maintains a standard that continues to draw in the elite clientele. This has only been further affirmed by the recognition of more Michelin Stars for its restaurants this year. While Courchevel has many fantastic dining experiences to offer, Le 1947 has truly taken the limelight with three much sought after stars which, according to the Michelin Guide, signifies ‘excellent cooking that is worth a detour’.

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The best ski scenes in Bond

The stories and films of James Bond have forever captured the adventurous heart of every Brit. In his signature combination of effortless charm and daring adventure, Bond has seen it all for the good of Queen and country. In line with the character of a lone wolf and passed on from the author, one of Bond’s favourite activities is the glamorous and yet dangerous art of skiing. A lucky choice of sports considering how often his well-honed skills have saved him from capture.

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The world’s most challenging ski runs

During any ski break we encounter the inevitable fear of a steep drop or particularly narrow run, but after you have completed the descent and the initial adrenaline begins to wear off, you find yourself looking further afield for the next thrill. Whether you are off to a ski holiday in France and looking to let out your inner adventurer, or heading to North America in order to catch some air, these seven descents will leave you either frozen with fear or raring to go.

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What you need to know about the Epic Pass

Skiing in Europe has always been the height of luxury, offering more powder, nicer weather and a varied cuisine compared to its North American cousins. While the Rockies may offer their own destination resorts, nothing will ever compare to the grandeur of the Alps.

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The video game inspiring the next generation

In December of 2016, Ubisoft unleashed their new game Steep upon the world, an extreme sports game set in a snowy alpine landscape. With an online multiplayer capacity, the open world allows both a competitive and explorative gaming experience, and thus far has earned glorious reviews.

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