A week to celebrate the Brits at Les Arcs this month

While the British and the French may not always have been the firmest of friends, Les Arcs celebrates with a competitive edge at The Great British Celebration.

While neighbours, the great nations of France and Britain have no always got on, swinging between allies and enemies for hundreds of years. However, this year, Les Arcs is taking an innovative approach to such a relationship and celebrates the rival nation in their ‘Great British Celebration’. This event is known to bring forth the competitive edge that underlies any interaction between the two nations, however, it is all overlaid with revelries.

The activities included in the four day festival encompass everything from Broomball to old fashioned archery. If you happen to have a ski chalet in France booked for that week and are looking for some alternative activities from skiing, this may be the perfect event for you. There is, of course, still skiing involved. Tuesday the 28th of March marks the day of the alpine skiing competition on the Cachette competition course, while Wednesday rounds off with a dance floor on the snow.

Beyond the expectations of hot chocolate and mulled wine, you can live out any residual Robin Hood fantasies and take a team of six to play capture the flag on Place de l’Horloge, accompanied with foam bows and arrows. If you prefer something a little more refined, Thursday 30th plays host to a cheese and wine tasting experience. With organised concerts and sledging competitions coupled with the inevitable festivities of the Village bars and pubs, it is set to be an unforgettable week.

Despite the imminent threat of Brexit, Britons have continued to flock to the ski resorts that have long held an appeal, and continue to celebrate the special relationship between the rivals. Les Arcs is one such resort, and events like The Great British Celebration seal the bond.

The video that is promoting this festival thoroughly sums up the tone of the event. With a skiing monarch and a James Bond remix, what could be more British?

Image Credit: Jonund

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